Nature-inspired design showcased at The Parker

As visitors take in the fine detail of wood in a bedroom headboard, the wood grain of the kitchen cabinetry and wine storage millwork, they see a contemporary take on an art rooted in tradition, says Cristina Oberti, the designer behind The Parker, Townline’s condo community off the Cambie corridor.

The effect was crafted through marquetry, a design technique that can be found in artifacts across China, India, Iran and Japan. In marquetry, the craftsman applies overlapping sheets of veneer to a surface to form an intricate pattern or picture, Oberti explains.

“Techniques and tools have since evolved and improved,” Oberti says. “However, the ideology behind this practice remains the same: that the best design always comes from nature.”

Oberti was able to fashion The Parker display space in a contemporary mode by embracing a paradox: in introducing traditional craftwork, such as marquetry, she builds upon the décor’s sophisticated, modern appeal.

Mary Frances Hill - The Province