Playground Plan Gets Big Boosts

The story really started in 2015, when Diefenbaker Elementary School began saving for a new playground to replace the decades-old wooden one that’s withered and cracked and now poses a safety hazard for children.

Working alongside Diefenbaker’s parent advisory committee, including co-chair Emi Dyck, and fueled by leads from the community, she simply reached out for donations through emails and phone calls, or visited businesses in person.

“They were unbelievably generous,” Cook said. “It’s overwhelming actually how supportive everybody’s been.” But she was simply blown away by the incredible gesture by Rick Ilich from Townline Homes.

“He decided that he would match whatever was raised,” she said, adding that she confirmed that there’s no cap to the amount Ilich is willing to match.

She’s now organized an online auction through charity auction site eflea.ca (tinyurl.com/diefenbaker2017). It will feature more than 160 items when bidding begins at 10a.m. on Friday, Oct. 6.

Martin Van Den Hemel - Richmond Sentinel