Our Philosophy

Creating custom homes is where Townline began. Thirty one years later, our founder Rick Ilich still meets with every homeowner to personally discuss your vision and provide his own architectural, design and construction related insights. It’s all about you, the homeowner. We want to build a relationship with you so that we can understand how to create your dream home.

How does it work?

Our custom home team draws from and capitalizes on Townline’s full range of architects and interior designers, landscapers and tradespeople to create a home that’s masterfully designed and built.  We understand that a home is more than four walls and a roof – it’s where families grow and memories are formed.

Our process is consultative and fully transparent, and we specialize in new home construction, construction management and high-end renovations. From the first phone call to the moment we hand over your front door key, our custom home team is with you every step of the way.  Contact us today to start planning the home you’re dreaming of.

Initial Custom Home Envisioning

1 - 2 hours

This is one of the most important meetings and where we begin to develop our relationship with you. We also begin to build the relationship between the consultants, you and Townline.

•  We start by establishing your needs: How big is your family? Where is your home going to be located? What are your future plans? Are you doing a renovation or starting from scratch?

•  We explore both your wish list and your must-have list.

•  We also want to be straight-forward from the beginning, so we explain the Townline Custom Homes' Project Management Process and Fee Structure.

Design Consultation

1 - 2 hours

This is the beginning of the design stage through which we, with design and architectural consultants, establish a design direction and achieve a pricing estimation based on that initial design direction.

•  At this stage, we want to see your design inspiration. Maybe you’ve seen a specific home in a magazine or in a neighbourhood nearby, bring your photos and clippings.
•  We like to involve the interior design and architectural consultants early on, in order to achieve design integration that will make the construction process faster and easier for you, that way we can make sure that you get everything you want, inside and out.

•  With the concept in mind, we can give you a general pricing estimation. 

Design Process

6 - 8 weeks

This is the part where the architect, interior designer and other consultants involved work out a detailed design scope and plan. 

•  We establish the exterior and interior specifications.

•  At the end of this process, the contract and allowance stage begins.

Contract & Allowance

2 - 3 weeks

The Contract and Allowance stage allows us to re-confirm the numbers based on the detailed design plan that we’ve worked out with you and the consultants.  This allows us to reflect the most accurate estimation for the budget and allowance, as we work out the details of our contract.

•  Interior design development continues throughout this stage.

•  Once the contract and allowance is established we are able to proceed with permits and drawings.
•  Full ID drawings are then completed so that a comprehensive budget can be prepared and provided to you within 30 days.

Construction Phase

10 - 12 months

This is the fun part, where you get to see your plans go from paper to reality. Once the building permit has been received, it typically takes approximately 10 - 12 months to complete a new house, but of course, this can differ depending on the home. And throughout this phase, you will be involved, through a Framing and Electrical tour and Townline's Quality Assurance program.  We conduct periodic site meetings with you to ensure that everything is as you expect.

Framing and Electrical tour
Townline’s down to earth approach ensures that open communication and involvement are key.  Townline’s Custom Homes project manager will accompany you and answer any questions you have during the framing and electrical tours. You will have the opportunity to review the framing, room layout, electrical plan, structural wiring and plumbing layout and make any needed adjustments to ensure your home is as you envisioned.

Quality Assurance
As we have said; “it’s about you”.  Before you move-in, you will have a quality assurance walk through with your Custom Homes' Quality Assurance Manager.  We will demonstrate the new systems in your home and discuss the warranty and maintenance program. 

Customer Care Phase

From move in and beyond

This is a collaborative process from beginning to end, and beyond with our Customer Care Team, who takes care of you once the home is complete.

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Nothing gives me more pleasure than to let you know how impressed I am with Allison's customer service skills. Dahlia is a new unit I bought from Townline last year and with each question or issue I have, Allison will always respond to me in less than 72 hours.
I would like to stress that the strength of a development company is not how big or how well known the company is. It is people like Allison who really cares about us that makes a telling difference in our lives.

Allison has great support staff in Denis too who helped fix the deficiencies in my unit as well as provide the extra service when needed.
Thank you and I look forward to working with Allison as always.

Mercedes Bautista, Dahlia

Denis was at my condo recently, to repair several items on my irritation list.  

He was punctual, tidy, efficient and friendly. He solved the problems and I'm a happy resident of The Strand in Port Moody.   

I really appreciate his service.

Pat Johnson, The Strand

You guys are awesome.  Denis is great and it is so refreshing to trust you guys to take care of our home. I work for a "competitor" which shall be nameless because Townline is much more professional to deal with.

Homeowner, Calla at The Gardens

With this letter I would hereby like to compliment one of your employees, Mike Mallard,  for the excellent service he provided me a few weeks ago in regards to our first year home warranty for your Oxford Lane project. 

Mike was extremely polite, punctual and professional.  He dealt with the deficiencies in my unit in an efficient manner while respecting our privacy and time, he went above and beyond in his service while also giving us many great tips on home maintenance. 

I have always been pleased with the service I received with Allison and other Townline staff before. Mike's professionalism and enthusiasm to get to the root of the issue promptly exceeded my expectations. 

This type of professionalism and commitment to the highest level of customer’s satisfaction has to be acknowledged. Having in mind such a pleasant experience with your colleague it would be my pleasure to continue doing business with your company in the future.

Thomas, Oxford Lane

I would like to thank you and your co-workers here as you are very professional. Especially Mike, I told him my unit has dripping water from the roof top when he was fixing the garage wall for me one month ago. The dripping problem I had reported to property manager at Oct, 2016 but did not get any reply from him. Mike put that in mind and asked someone to fixed that for me couple days ago without my request for the builder. And also thank you to come to my unit and explain all the issues to me. Very impressive and grateful for you guys help.  A responsive and thoughtful employee is a valuable asset of a company. 

Yanjing, Oxford Lane

Michael is the best customer service technician we ever come across in Richmond. He warms our heats in the long cold winter. He showed up at every service to explain to us what might be wrong with the heat pump and the following up actions. He truly understands the grave situation and the frustration of the Bai family. He is always patient, helpful and friendly. Michael is so nice that he does not mind our calling him during holidays, weekends, and after office hours. He always returns our call promptly, offering expertise advice and arranging repair service when needed.

The Bai family does not know much English but Michael manages to communicate with them and calm them down. He always gives them useful advice on property maintenance and helps with small issues here and there in the town house.

It is most unfortunate that the Bai family have to face the long haul heat pump issue and the situation would have gone way worse without Michael. We appreciate deeply and gracefully from our hearts for what he has done for us.   

You're lucky to have Michael working for you. He builds up very good customer relations and trust even during difficult times. This improves the reputation and image of your company and strengthens public confidence on your future projects.

Please do share our appreciation and thankfulness to Michael by means of special acknowledgement and recognition.

Wei Bai, Roger Au and Cathy Au, Oxford Lane
Metro VancouverVictoria

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